Experience Life-Changing Head and Neck Related Care from Dr. Jennifer Taylor, DC, DCCJP 

High quality care you can trust for chronic health conditions including Post-Concussion Syndrome, Dizziness, Vertigo, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, Sleeplessness, Brain Fog, Cognitive issues and more so you can get back to doing what you love. 
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Benefits from Results-Focused Upper Cervical Specific Corrections 
Dr. Jennifer Taylor, DC, DCCJP specializes in head and neck injuries that can lead to a variety of chronic health conditions. Dr. Taylor, our Upper Cervical Chiropractor studies each case carefully, ensuring that she provides specific corrections to every ailing patient in Plano, TX.
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Dr. Jennifer Taylor

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Dr. Jennifer Taylor DC DCCJP.
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Why Upper Cervical?

Learn about our gentle approach
to spinal care.
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What to Expect

Learn what to expect as a new patient of Dr. Jennifer Taylor DC DCCJP.
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Upper Cervical Chiropractic at Plano, TX

Want to learn more about Upper Cervical Chiropractic, the unique form of care that Dr. Jennifer Taylor DC DCCJP. use at Healthworks: A Family Wellness Center? Then click on the play button to watch a short 2-minute overview video.

What is Upper Cervical?

Find out more about this neurological based approach to 
healthcare and how it's changing lives.
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Upper Neck 101

The weakest region of the human spine is where the head meets the neck! This is due to fact that half of all of our head movements occur between the head and top two vertebrae. Injury will buckle this region of the spine in very large and complex ways, tearing loose connective tissue, ligaments and muscles responsible for maintaining normal posture and head alignment.

What Our Patients Say...

  • This practice is extremely well organized and staffed with genuine caring and competent staff. Dr Taylor has a level of training in c1/C2 issues and related treatments that is unparalleled in our area. Not only does she get my referrals for my patients, but she treats me, too!

    - Tricia O'Brien
  • They are extremely thorough, very kind and seem to be sincerely invested in helping you

    - Gail Barlow
  • As a chiropractor who also favors a more gentler approach to care, I am so grateful to have found Drs. Taylor and Kristy to serve my chiropractic needs! I am grateful for their knowledge and expertise of my own conditions, which has provided me with more of an ability to care for my patients as a result of their generosity! Thank you both 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

    - TD MD (TDMD)
  • Went in there with debilitating Vertigo after having an MRI, an ER visit along with no hope after seeing my ENT, Neuro and primary care who all said they didn't know....Dr. Taylor sat with me and told me she would have answers for me after she reviewed all my testing. With tears in my eyes, I believed her and finally had a glimmer of hope. After 1 adjustment of my axis and a thorough explanation of my findings...I walked out of there with a 30% improvement. Each adjustment thereafter continued to lessen the vertigo. 1 month later I am 100% vertigo free! Sooo thankful for Dr. Taylor and her amazing staff that exercised extreme patience with my initial limited mobility and their continued kindness! Love this place!!

    - Tami McCallum


Are you suffering? Is your body telling you something is wrong and
isn’t working correctly? Explore a different approach to maintaining health.
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Quality Care You Can Trust. We offer our patients all the attention and care they deserve in order to get them feeling healthy again.


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