Hey Doc!  When Will I Feel Better? May 7, 2023

As chiropractors, this is the number one question we get asked daily.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball to give our practice members an exact answer, but wouldn’t that be so awesome if we could?  Although, this is impossible for us to answer specifically, we do have some parameters and guidelines that could give […]

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Essential Oils for Vertigo Relief Listed by a Chiropractor in Plano March 19, 2023

Essential oils are known for helping to reduce stress and help you sleep, but there’s more! They’re also a great source of relief for patients suffering from vertigo. Get to know which essential oils will do just the trick for your vertigo and how a Cervical Chiropractor in Plano can provide natural and lasting vertigo […]

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Neck and Shoulder Pain: 5 Indispensable Tips for the Busy You March 12, 2023

Is your week packed with work tasks like product launches, meeting with top executives, attending conferences, or proposing the latest marketing budget? Are you a working mom who juggles everyday office tasks with household chores and the constant tantrums of toddlers or perhaps a rebellious teenager?  When your weeks are filled with all sorts of […]

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7 Silent Migraine Facts Listed by a Plano Upper Cervical Chiropractor January 8, 2023

Silent migraines and its symptoms may not be as easily identifiable as classic migraines due to the absence of pain, but it can be just as debilitating, if not more! Want to know more about these silent migraines? We’ve listed 7 shocking facts about them and the best way to get relief! For your migraine […]

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Health Problems That Occur If You Ignore Your Migraine December 18, 2022

Migraines are extremely painful and can make you feel sick. You might think that headaches are normal, but it's important to know when a headache is a sign of something more serious. It's easy to feel like your whole body is fine, especially if you're young or healthy. But migraines can cause serious health problems […]

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Neck Pain and Migraine Connection from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Plano November 13, 2022

When you have a migraine, you will frequently experience neck pain because it is a symptom of this condition. Find out more about how these two are related and how it occurs. According to our upper cervical chiropractor in Plano, a natural form of care that’ll solve your problems has been proven and tested by […]

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Thankful for Upper Cervical Chiropractic November 10, 2022

Typically, I don’t get too personal in my blogs, but, after the past almost 3 years of the Covid debacle, I can honestly say that I’m grateful to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and the many patients that we, at HealthWorks, get the opportunity to help heal and become our family. I don’t believe in coincidence […]

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How Orthospinology Can Help Provide Natural Relief for Vertigo in Plano October 7, 2022

Finding a source of natural relief for vertigo in Plano is the goal of many patients because it can be worrisome to anticipate when a spinning sensation might occur. On top of that, it can pose safety risks and impact the quality of life. With this in mind, we wanted to talk about one of […]

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Why does HealthWorks take diagnostics so seriously? September 27, 2022

Many new patients get frustrated when they come to our office and they don’t get treated on the very first visit.  I get that!  You’re in pain and you want relief NOW!  Totally understandable.  However, would you like a surgeon to open you up without knowing where he needs to go or what is actually […]

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7 Types of Headaches and How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Finally Provide Relief September 27, 2022

Headaches of all kinds are truly a day-killer and can take a toll on work and family life.  14.2% of Americans 18 or older report having some type of headache within a 3 month period and headache pain is the 4th leading cause for emergency room visits. (1)  It’s a huge health problem to say […]

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