Health Problems That Occur If You Ignore Your Migraine

migraine relief in Plano

Migraines are extremely painful and can make you feel sick. You might think that headaches are normal, but it's important to know when a headache is a sign of something more serious. It's easy to feel like your whole body is fine, especially if you're young or healthy. But migraines can cause serious health problems if left untreated—including strokes and seizures. Good news is that there are many available ways of migraine relief in Plano.


The Migraine Problem

Migraines are a real problem. And it's important to understand how they affect the body and how they can lead to other health concerns. That's why, if you are experiencing more frequent migraines already, it's crucial that you find a doctor experienced in treating migraine headaches and other conditions related to your upper cervical region.

When you have a migraine, you may experience:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Lightheadedness or fainting spells (for those with aura) 

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Possible Effects of Ignored Migraine

If you ignore your migraine or don’t treat it properly, you may experience the following health issues:

#1. Compromised immune system

Have you ever had migraines while you have an infection or other diseases that spring from a compromised immune system? Well, as it turns out, there’s a connection between these two issues. For starters, it’s worth mentioning that migraines can compromise your immune system. They can even cause colds and flu infections to hit harder than usual.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do about this side effect of migraines. 

However, suppose it happens more often than usual. In that case, it might be worth talking to your doctor about switching medications or options until your condition improves. 

#2. Mental confusion

Migraines can lead to mental confusion. As you know, migraine is a common neurological disorder that affects many people, but it’s often not taken seriously by those who suffer from it. People with migraines often experience severe pain, nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, headache-related sleep problems, and more. 

In addition to these physical symptoms, migraine sufferers also report experiencing mental confusion during a migraine attack or between attacks. Mental confusion is one of the most common symptoms experienced with a typical migraine attack—and it’s not just limited to this type of headache! The alarming thing is mental confusion is also a sign of another underlying condition.

#3. Neck pain

If you experience migraine headaches, then it's likely that you'll also have an achy neck. Sometimes, you might feel the headache start around the neck area. But, there may be instances when you notice more pain on the forehead, temples, or behind one eye.

The link between migraine and neck pain is well documented. In fact, it's so common that many people with migraines seek treatment for their neck pain before they even find a way to address their headache symptoms. 

Neck pain from migraines is often an indicator of other health issues. It can stem from muscle spasms or related complications like inflammation in nearby soft tissue structures such as discs or nerves.

#4. Vision loss

If a retinal migraine is not treated, it may cause permanent damage to the retina. This is known as central scotoma, which causes blind spots in your vision. A central scotoma can cause you to lose peripheral vision or make it difficult to see at night. 

So, if you’ve been diagnosed with a retinal migraine and constantly experience symptoms such as flashes or seeing black dots or stars in your field of vision, you must consult a healthcare provider. You can also work closely with an upper cervical chiropractor to plan how you can recover with the help of careful postural corrections. 

#5. Sleep disturbances

Sleep disorders can be dangerous. They can cause other health problems, missed work and school, accidents, depression, and anxiety. Some people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night due to migraines. They may have difficulty falling asleep at night even when they don't have a migraine or headache during the day.

#6. Stroke

The increased risk of stroke may be partly due to smoking habits since smokers are known to have higher stroke rates. But even when researchers controlled for this factor, women who experience migraines with aura had about three times more strokes than those without such headaches—even if they never smoked! In other words, migraine itself may increase your chances of having a stroke without giving up smoking.

#7. Seizures

If you have frequent migraines and ignore them, your condition can worsen. As a result, you may start experiencing seizures. It's essential to get help for migraine symptoms as soon as possible before they lead to other health problems.

Suppose you’re experiencing the onset of any of these conditions and symptoms. In that case, you will do yourself a favor by reaching out to a medical professional who can look into your migraine and overall health condition and prescribe the most effective form of migraine relief in Plano.

migraine relief in Plano

Best Source of Migraine Relief in Plano

If you want to be spared from other health concerns on top of your migraine problems, try the most recommended migraine relief in Plano – upper cervical chiropractic! Chiropractic care is one of the most preferred methods of managing frequent migraines and other conditions that may arise from neglecting your migraine episodes.

Upper cervical care is an effective non-invasive technique that focuses on aligning the uppermost neck bones to restore proper nerve function and improve spinal biomechanics. 

If you're suffering from chronic pain but your doctor has been unable to find a solution for it, consider seeing an upper cervical chiropractor today!

For quality upper cervical chiropractic care, visit Healthworks: A Family Wellness Center. Dr. Jennifer Taylor and our team will be sure to look into your situation thoroughly and prepare a customized care plan just for you! 

You can book your consultation or adjustment appointment with our practice by calling 972-612-1800 or sending your message through our contact form.


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