The Secrets to Healing and Importance of Upper Cervical Care in Plano

March 28, 2023

In the 7th installment of Dr. Taylor's The Secrets to Healing series, she emphasizes the significance of Upper Cervical Care in Plano, calling it the "greatest secret in healthcare today." She believes that chiropractic schools should include upper cervical care in their curriculum to help students understand its importance and become specialists in the field. Dr. Taylor also stresses that the more chiropractic colleges get on board, the more doctors will come out of school excited about upper cervical work, making it the foundation of their practice. With proper alignment and understanding of the importance of the CCJ or craniocervical junction, doctors can help their patients live healthier lives. Therefore, getting more doctors into the diplomate program is essential to ensure the continuity of the care patients receive.

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